A great teacher who gives neighborhood classes to the children who cannot take online classes


The Coronavirus epidemic has brought stagnation to business life around the world. Educational institutions have closed, recreational facilities have been banned, business conditions and the economy have deteriorated. Businesses are looking for new ways to make a living. The most effective way is to work online. Online classes have also been launched to continue educational activities.

In developed countries, there is an effective internet system to facilitate online classes, which will not cause much harm to these children, but in developing countries such as Pakistan and India, there are many areas where the Internet is available. Children are deprived of education due to a lack of facilities.

Due to the closure of educational institutions by the government and deprivation of internet facilities, a large number of children have been deprived of education and their precious time in life is being wasted.
In this regard, a young Rana from India, who hails from Chhattisgarh in Korea District, has started a series of neighborhood classes for children who are unable to continue their education due to lack of internet.

Rana has a bike for the mahalla class and a blackboard on top of it. He arrives at each mahalla on time and teaches the students there keeping in view the social distances and for the education of the children deprived of the internet.

Rana’s move is a lesson to all those who are troubled by the Coronavirus because just as the world has changed, so must we change the old ways of succeeding in this world. New methods will have to be adopted and the only person who will be able to develop in the future is the one who can change himself with the passage of time.
Rana’s action opens up new avenues for many teachers who are unemployed due to school closures, and also helps parents of children affected by the Corona epidemic. Concerned neo-hippies and their global warming,

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