TCL Communications Introduces Latest Range of Alcatel Mobile


TCL Communications has launched its latest series of mobile and tablet devices in Pakistan, including the flagship Alcatel 3X smartphone and Alcatel Tablet Series 3T and 1T. Implementing Alcatel’s mission is to make the best possible products accessible to consumers while improving the line-up of the latest products while maintaining simplicity in performance, styling, and experience.

“Recent developments in our products are fueling accessible innovation,” said Mr. Christophe Koris, General Manager, TCL Communications. All of our new Alcatel smartphones in Pakistan are equipped with the Google Assistant button, which allows our users to access the information they need at a single touch. We are adding the latest technology to every device, keeping in mind our customers’ preferences and their budget.

Alcatel 3 x. Phone with the best features in a complete package

Alcatel 3X 6.5-inch screen with HD + Super Full View display that provides great viewing experience, allowing users to view photos, play movies, play games, and watch the web with clarity. Ideal. The Alcatel 3X comes with 6GB of RAM and 126GB of internal memory in this category. The smartphone also has a 16MP + 8MP + 5MP triple rear camera, which is equipped with a smart sensor that recognizes various imagery scenes and is extremely suitable for best shooting and also improves self-photography. 8MP front camera and front LED flash users can take better and brighter selfies anywhere. Alcatel 3X will be available in two jewelry colors: Jewelry Black and Jewelry Green, and Jewelry Dark for around Rs 30,000.

Alcatel 3T Tablet – Suitable for all your digital needs

TCL Communications has also unveiled one of its flagship Alcatel 3T10 tablets in the Pakistan market. The Alcatel 3T10 gives users a 10-inch H-touch screen with a lightweight and elegant design and is equipped with an Android pie. The latest range features a series of impressive features, including a pan, Bluetooth speaker, Bluetooth keyboard. Different keyboards equipped with Bluetooth are available. The variety of audio stations have powerful 2 * 5-watt external dock speakers with 2000mAh battery capable of delivering complete entertainment. It has a microSD card reader that supports up to 32GB * and 3.5mm AUX port for playing audio from any media-driven device. Converting the Alcatel 3T10 Bluetooth keyboard tablet to the on-the-go device. Can

Mr. Wali Khan, Head of Sales GCC & Pakistan, TCL Communications, said that Alcatel 3X and 3T10 are gadgets with beautiful design and powerful features, which are available at an affordable price. One of the highlights of the tablet is the option of pans, audio stations and Bluetooth keyboards that help make the tablet a ‘Smart 2-in-1 system’ to better serve our diverse users.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Azizar Latif, Head of Marketing GCC and Pakistan said, “The Pakistani market offers a wide range of products from the best brands, and we have to offer Alcatel’s 3X and 3T10 and 1TAB series. It is a pleasure to add the latest products to your portfolio. We understand the needs of today’s consumers and are constantly striving to bring advanced technology integrated into high-quality products at high prices.

Air Link Communication Limited is the official distributor for tablets in Pakistan and DigiCom is the distributor for Alcatel smartphones.

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