The tragedy lasted five years in the Army Public School

Px16-056PESHAWAR: Dec16 – Children seen during candle vigil for APS martyrs on the eve of their 2nd death anniversary outside Peshawar Press Club.ONLINE PHOTO by Ubaid Raza

Peshawar December 16th is a day of tragedy for Pakistan. On the same day, East Pakistan became hostile to Bangladesh. The enemy chose the same day for the massacre of children at Army Public School Peshawar.

The nation will never be forgotten of December 16, 2014. The terrorists entered the school around 11 am and started firing indiscriminately on innocent children. By the time the security forces arrived, the terrorists had killed 141 people, including 132 innocent lives, shortly.

After the incident, bodies of blood and innocent children were scattered all over, and if there was anything left behind, only the parents of the martyred children had their cries and tears. The walls of the school were told the tragic story of terror and horror. Greet those brave teachers who sacrificed their lives to save children, including school principal Tahira Qazi, who stood between the children and the terrorists.

The tragedy was every eyebrow after Army Public School. We salute the patience and majesty of the relatives of the martyred children and the survivors whose minds have left untold trauma, but they have not bowed down after the tragedy.

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