Trump changes campaign manager


“Brad Parcel has been with me for a long time and he has led our great digital and data strategies,” President Trump said in a statement on Twitter.

Trump changes campaign manager

US President Trump has replaced his campaign manager for the next election.

According to the British Broadcasting Corporation, President Trump has confirmed the replacement of his election campaign manager, Brad Parcel, and the appointment of Bell Stephen, Trump’s field campaign manager, as a manager in 2016, while Parcel has been appointed as a senior adviser.

Ivanka, the daughter of the US president, and her husband, a White House adviser, also accused Brad Parcel of failing.

According to British media, Brad Parcel claimed that about one million people had registered to participate in the rally, but according to local officials, about 6,000 people participated in the rally.

Pascal blamed the failed rally on Twitter for closing security gates to attend the rally, while also blaming the media and protesters for the rally’s failure.

According to media reports, Brad Parcel did not even vote in the 2016 election, on which he complained that he did not receive a postal ballot.

According to British media, Brad Parcel was Trump’s fourth campaign manager, while his successor Bell Stephen was a close associate of former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.

According to media reports, the analysis shows that President Trump is facing stiff competition from his Democratic rival Joe Biden in the November elections.

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