Hamza Ali Abbasi’s strong reaction to the publication of blasphemous sketches

Pakistan News

Protests by Muslims around the world have erupted in France following the publication of government-sponsored blasphemous sketches and then French President Emmanuel Macron’s statement.

In addition to protests against France around the world, there is a campaign to boycott French goods in Muslim countries.

Pakistan has also strongly condemned the French move and a resolution condemning it has been passed by the parliament while Pakistan had summoned the French ambassador and recorded the protest.

Now Hamza Ali Abbasi has also reacted to this issue.

Hamza Ali Abbasi said in his tweet that “it is your right to disagree and criticize but it is not your right to deliberately ridicule and make fun of anyone with the intention of provoking, it is immoral and rude, we are Muslims The world can understand this only through peace and dialogue, not through murder, war and enmity.
He further wrote, “What will happen if Muslims hold a competition to throw beef on the idol of Ram? Or can one bite a pig in a synagogue or spit on a Christian cross? ‘

He said, “This is wrong. The same should be true of publishing blasphemous sketches of one and a half billion Muslims who believe in the Holy Prophet.”

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