Under Indian-administered Kashmir historic mosque Opens after 19 weeks


600-year-old historic mosque in Kashmir, India is kept closed by the Indian Army for 19 weeks.

The 600-year-old historic mosque in Kashmir, India, was opened for prayer on Friday after being closed for five months.

The Indian government imposed a number of sanctions on August 5, ending constitutional sovereignty of Indian-administered Kashmir through a bill in parliament, and the mosque was also locked. Locals offered prayers at the Jama Masjid on Friday after a nearly five-month siege.

The sermon and separatist leader of the mosque, Mir Wazir Omar Farooq, is constantly in the house, but the government says Friday’s gathering at the mosque marks the return of peace.

Kashmiris welcomed the permission of Friday gatherings in the historic mosque after 19 weeks, but repeatedly called the ban on Eidan or Friday prayers in the mosque as government interference in religious affairs.

On the occasion, a Kashmiri youth Shahid told that the siege of the mosque was not removed even on Eid day, Eid Milad ceremony was not allowed. Today, after 19 weeks, Adhan is here and we believe that today is our Eid. ‘

Shahid also said that the deployment of guards during the tense situation at the mosque and other large monasteries adds to the anger and anger that people already have.

Addressing Friday’s gathering, Imam Abdul Hai of the mosque said, “Muslims all over the world are undergoing a test period, and the mountains of oppression are breaking down on Kashmir too.”

In his address, he appealed to the youth that the sanctity of the mosque should be maintained at all costs.

The Jama Masjid, the center of the expression of Kashmiri religious, social and political sentiments, has been subject to government sanctions many times over the past 30 years, but this is the first time that no Friday gathering has been held for five months. The government has allowed the gathering in the mosque after a long siege, claiming that things are now normal in Kashmir.

On August 5 this year, in the Indian Parliament, the Home Minister, Ummah Shah, announced the abolition of the special powers granted to Kashmir by a bill, and millions already in Kashmir to suppress the possible protest movement against the decision. I was assigned to paramilitary personnel.

Internet was suspended in Kashmir and dozens of political leaders, including three former chief ministers, were arrested. In addition, more than 6000 Kashmiris were arrested and imprisoned in various jails in Jammu and Kashmir and beyond.

However, Home Minister Amit Shah recently announced in Parliament that five thousand of those arrested have been released.

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