Pakistani Lawyers Riot Attacks Hospital, Case filed Against Riot Lawyers


Following the incident at the Punjab Institute of Cardiology in the Punjab capital, Lahore, Shadman police have registered two separate cases against riot lawyers under various provisions of the Pakistan Anti-Terrorism Act and the Anti-Terrorism Act.

The first case was filed against a member of the hospital staff over 250 lawyers for murder, maneuvering, terrorism, air firing, wounding and molesting, looting, assaulting women and government machinery and private The government property is listed under the Damages Act.

The clash between doctors, administration, and lawyers at the Punjab Institute of Cardiology on Wednesday damaged the hospital building and public and private property, while the Punjab Minister of Health confirmed the death of three patients due to the turmoil. ۔

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In the case, 21 lawyers, including the Lahore Bar general secretary and vice president, have been nominated while the rest are unknown. The second case has been registered in the police case against which charges have been filed for burning a police van, attacking the police.

It may be recalled that a few days ago, some lawyers demanded a free supply of medicines after treatment in the hospital. There were talks between the administration and the lawyers on Wednesday, but the lawyers came to the hospital in the form of gangs and attacked them.

Rangers deployment approval

Rangers have also been approved at key locations of Punjab in view of the tense situation arising after the incident and the strike announced by the Punjab Bar Council.

Earlier, the interior ministry had recommended DG Rangers to deploy 10 platoon rangers in different locations of Lahore to maintain law and order in the city. These places include Punjab Institute of Cardiology, Governor House, Punjab Assembly, Punjab Civil Secretariat, Supreme Court of Pakistan (Lahore Registry), Lahore High Court and other places.

Lawyers ‘attack’ inside the hospital

According to the FIR, 200 to 250 armed lawyers broke into the emergency gate at 12 o’clock on Wednesday and forcibly entered the hospital building and broke into different factions in different hospital areas.

The lawyers tortured the security staff, medical staff and doctors on duty and smashed the hospital’s valuables and equipment, leaving the patients and their relatives in the hospital with severe panic. The lawyers also damaged the doctors’ vehicles.

According to the FIR, a group of assailant armed lawyers entered the nurses’ hostel and harassed the nurses, abused them and threw off the clothes of the nurse in charge and took the pendant from their throat. The lawyers also seized their valuables from different people.

According to the FIR, vandalism and extortion continued for about two hours, during which some armed lawyers also fired.

Standing of the Punjab Bar Council

The press release was issued following an emergency meeting of the Punjab Bar Council on Wednesday, stating that the bar council had done ‘provocative video viral on social media by doctors’ and made peace lawyers. Outgoing sticks condemn charge and tear gas shelling.

The Punjab Bar Council demanded the government to immediately arrest the accused of the FIR, the officers responsible for the police torture and the doctors and para-medical staff who tortured the lawyers and they were arrested on terrorism provisions. You should be punished by filing a case

‘Video that caused the uproar’

Federal Interior Minister Ejaz Shah said in his statement that there was already a problem between the lawyers and the hospital administration, after which the parties were reconciled, but to watch a video posted by social media doctors. Later the lawyers were again enraged.

He said that two weeks ago the dispute was resolved by law minister Raja Basharat.

In the video above, a doctor who went viral on social media was standing in a hospital compound and talking to lawyers and doctors over the past few days in which he claimed that the lawyer said We, the doctors, cannot go inside the IC and say nothing.

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