Malik Riyadh and settlement, millions of pounds will be returned to Pakistan


Renowned Pakistani businessman Malik Riyadh has pledged to raise £ 19millions in the UK as a settlement. This is a significant breakthrough in Prime Minister Imran Khan’s efforts against corruption.

Malik Riaz, a Pakistani citizen associated with the real estate and property business, has agreed to pay £ 19millions as settlement. The UK’s National Crime Agency has confirmed the move. The NCA was notified Tuesday, December 3, that the money received for settlement was received from frozen bank accounts in the UK, with over £ 5 million worth of property in Hyde Park being handed over to the property and other properties. Will go

Malik Riaz is one of the richest and most powerful personalities in Pakistan. He is known for his large property-related projects. Malik Riyadh, on the one hand, has been involved in corruption cases for a long time;

The UK’s National Crime Agency further said that £ 19m as a settlement would be handed over to the Pakistani government. The agency further stated that it was a “civil affair” and therefore should not be guilty of the crime. Later, Malik Riaz Hussein issued a statement in which he said that the NCA report was being revised for the purpose of defaming him.

The investigation against Malik Riyadh was ongoing because officials were suspected that about one hundred ninety million pounds of money had been ‘obtained from crime’. As part of his settlement, he agreed to raise £ 19millions.

 This breakthrough reinforces Prime Minister Imran Khan’s campaign against corruption. Imran Khan has been claiming that he will end corruption in the country and bring back the wealth collected by the politicians to Pakistan.

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