Now is the time to fight racism: the newly elected US president


Newly elected US President Joe Biden says it is time for a war to end racism.

Addressing a public gathering in Delaware, Biden said the American people had voted, the largest turnout in American history, 74 million votes, for which I thank him.

“We will not divide the people and unite the United States,” he said.
In his first speech since being elected president, Biden said that opponents should not be seen as enemies, they are also Americans, look at them as Americans.

Joe Biden said the daughter of a South Asian immigrant has become the country’s first vice president, and now is the time to fight racism.

He said that middle class is the backbone of the country and we will strengthen it.

Referring to the Corona epidemic, the newly elected US President said that the Corona Task Force would announce the eminent scientists on Monday.
Thanks to the women who paved the way for the current generation: Kamala Harris
Newly elected US Vice President Kamala Harris said that every vote cast in the election was counted, the American people chose hope, unity and decency.

Kamala Harris said that efforts to preserve democracy demand sacrifices, thanks to the women who paved the way for the present generation.
It should be noted that the counting is currently underway in four states where Biden’s victory will be officially announced after the counting of votes is completed. Even if Trump wins in these states, Biden’s lead will not be affected.

Joe Biden will take over the presidency on January 20, 2021, after being formally elected by the electorate, making Biden the most-voted president in US history.

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