Pillion riding banned after cleric’s murder

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A day after prominent religious scholar Maulana Adil Khan’s assassination, the Sindh government imposed a ban on pillion riding on motorcycles in Karachi for a month.

A notification issued by the provincial home department on Sunday maintained that the action had been taken amid an increase in criminal activities within the port city.
The decision from the provincial authorities came on the request of Karachi captain Ghulam Nabi Memon, who conveyed his fears during a letter to the house department on Satrurday. Memon wrote that miscreants and disgruntled elements may disturb the peace and make law and order problems in Karachi by completing targeted killings.

The communique maintained that incidents like the lobbing of hand grenades and targeted attacks on enforcement personnel also as religious scholars are reported within the city. “Therefore, keeping [this] in sight , he [Memon] has requested to impose a ban on pillion riding for a period of 1 month with immediate effect,” read the notification.

The home department’s notification further added that the ban shall not apply to women, children below the age of 12 years, senior citizens, personnel of enforcement agencies, security agencies in uniform, employees of essential services and journalists, subject to showing their press or service cards.

Maulana Adil Khan, a prominent cleric and therefore the administrator of Jamia Farooqia seminary, was gunned down along side his driver on Saturday near Shama plaza , Shah Faisal Colony.

The attackers, on a motorbike , opened fire at him and his driver Maqsood, fleeing the scene afterwards. CCTV footage showed one among the assailants walk up to Khan’s vehicle, first shooting Maqsood then the cleric. Two of his accomplices waited on a motorbike on the opposite side of the lane, escaping with him after the shooting.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Imran Khan condemned the assassination. Taking to Twitter, the premier wrote that for the last three months, his government had been conscious of Indian attempts to focus on Shia and Sunni scholars so as to make sectarian unrest within the country.

“We have prevented variety of such attempts pre-emptively in [the] previous couple of months. Our intelligence organisations and enforcement agencies will nab culprits of this murder also,” he added. He further called upon clerics belonging to all or any sects to make sure that folks didn’t fall prey to those attempts to destabilise Pakistan.

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