The Pakistani singer changed her gender and became a girl

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The Pakistani singer changed her gender and became a girl. According to media reports, Pakistani singer and model Shaira Rai, who was born as a boy and changed her gender before adolescence, is generally considered as a transgender singer. She had changed her gender.
“For the first time, I talked openly about my sex and my life,” she said in a recent interview. “How they face problems before they change their gender.” She was a boy until she reached puberty. However, the feelings of boys never woke up and their form was similar to that of girls.
She was aware of her sexual problems since childhood.

And her mother was aware of her plight but no one believed her and everyone thought she was making excuses and acting.
He said that even before gender reassignment, he was harassed by many people. After gender reassignment, he was further harassed.
Shaira Rai was born in Sialkot, Punjab. She moved to Lahore with her parents as a child. In Lahore, she studied up to college. She says that she was harassed while studying. She had moved to the United Arab Emirates for higher education. However, she had problems since childhood due to sexual problems.
The poetess also revealed that she was sexually harassed at the age of eight.
When a neighbor abused him when he was 12 years old. He also claimed that he was harassed by students during his college days. Due to which, she once tried to commit suicide by jumping from a three-storey building. The poetess Roy, who was annoyed by the attitude of the people, tried to commit suicide three times. But Allah gave her new life. Her song at the beginning of this year The night was released which was also included in the Bollywood film Ghost. She has released many songs at the moment while also doing modeling.

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