The US has banned the downloading of Chinese apps TickTalk and VChat from Sunday


The US has banned the downloading of Chinese video-sharing app TicTalk and messaging app VChat from Sunday.

According to the US Department of Commerce, the move will prevent people in the US from downloading TickTalk and VChat from any app store.

The Trump administration says the companies pose a threat to US national security and provide consumer data to China, but China and the two companies deny the allegations.

VChat will be effectively banned across the United States from Sunday, but existing Tick Talk users will be able to use the app until November 12. The Tick Talk company called the move “disappointing” and disagreed with the Commerce Department. He said he had already pledged an “extraordinary level of extra transparency” in light of the Trump administration’s concerns.

“We will continue to challenge this unfair executive order, which was enforced without action and which threatens to deprive the American people and small businesses of a vital platform for voice and livelihoods around the world.”
Tencent, the owner of VChat, said the ban was “unfortunate”. He has said he will continue talks with the US government to find a long-term solution.

The ban, imposed by the Commerce Department, is in compliance with executive orders signed by President Trump in August. According to which American businesses were given 45 days to quit working with any Chinese company.

However, the app will not be banned if President Donald Trump approves a partnership between US tech firm Oracle and Tick Tick owner Byte Dance.

Donald Trump told reporters on Friday that he thought there could be a tick-tock agreement “soon.” He added that while the United States needed “protection from China,” Tik Tak was an amazing company, very popular.

“We may be able to keep a lot of people happy, but we also need protection,” he said.
It should be noted that the Trump administration has repeatedly said that these Chinese apps are a threat due to data collection.

A statement from the Commerce Department said on Friday that the Chinese Communist Party “intended to jeopardize US national security, foreign policy, and the economy through these apps.”

Byte Dance, the owner of TickTalk, has denied that any consumer data is kept in China, saying that the data is safe in the United States and Singapore. Tencent, the owner of VChat, has said that the messages on his app are kept private.

But it is clear that the United States was not the only country to raise concerns about these companies. India has also banned Tik Tak and VChat, while the UK Information Commissioner’s Office says it is investigating Tik Tak.

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