When schools will open, an important announcement

Pakistan News

Rejecting the demand for reopening the school, the Punjab education minister said that if the situation improved, the schools would reopen in August.

According to details, Punjab Education Minister Murad Rass has clarified that the decision to open educational institutions in the province will be taken on August 15 based on the situation.

According to sources, the Punjab Education Minister has said that he is making guidelines regarding schools in Punjab and will not open all the classes at once.

He said that the decision to open a school has to be taken with great forethought.

No child will enter school without a mask, it is very easy to open a school, but God willing, if a child dies, then people will not leave.

Murad Ras said that the number of cases is decreasing due to the lockdown in Lahore last week, if the number of cases increases then it will be difficult to decide.

If the school is open, children will not be allowed to gather during school breaks and lunch.

“We are considering different options. We cannot allow 50 children to be accommodated in one class,” he added.

We will convert the classes into two shifts, one class will have 20 to 25 children, the classes that will be needed first will be opened first.

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